Friday, November 11, 2011

The day before the move...I think.

Like most things here, they are done last minute. So we have workers coming to the house the day before the move, during the move and still now...TODAY...11/11/11!!! Yes, the electrician you see below is back today to finish up on the out door lighting. Now, this delay is totally not his fault. Alex and I never decided on outdoor lighting, and finally got it together after season ended. Good thing we waited, as our budget was totally stretched and with the current tax changes, we needed to go with some less expensive lights. I will take those photos later, but for now, here are some photos of the finishing up process, pre move.

Below, you can see the loft space and the kitchen. The tiles we ordered for the back splash are only one row at this point. We mis-ordered, easy to do, apparently. When we went to order another batch, we found out that the supplier had been robbed in Athens, and had none to send down. We ended up taking every available tile they had in storage and teaming them with plain grey, by the same manufacturer. Again, I will get a photo of the finished kitchen...eventually.

The move was amazing, as everything kept getting dusty and dirty, even with two cleaning women coming in. But, what can you do when you move into an unfinshed house. You basically end up mopping every day.

Here the finshed nitches in the dining room. Cleanest part of the house at this point.

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