Monday, November 16, 2009

Really not the color we were going for, but I think we are stuck with it now. The method is called Kourasani, and the color is in the plaster. We should only have to clear coat it every few years to keep it in shape, and not have to paint. Unless we just hate the color...We were going for something darker, to contrast with the roof tiles, but apparently that was lost in translation. A bit on the orange side for my taste, but I am sure it will change over time. I like the variations in shade and the depth of the color. Not flat like regular paint.
But, I love the copper gutters. Hopefully no one comes along and pinches them off the house ...I hope the neighborhood dogs bark, if they do. Maybe the ex cop from across the street will call the cops on any prowlers... like he did when Sammy went to install the gutter on the barn to help with the water problem our neighbor was complaining about.
This is my storage closet under the stairs... now with a cement floor! Still needs some plastering in there. Oh, and the steps up to the side door that leads to the guest room. If you are wondering where Sianna and Olivia are, they are sleeping in the car. Another missed nap for us...
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