Thursday, April 16, 2009

More from before Easter.

Front of the house, scaffolding and mold to create a ledge that will go around the edge of the house.
Area where the stairs will go in. But, what is wrong with that SO VERY SAFE LOOKING ladder.
Upper floor looking down on what will be the loft area over the kitchen. Olivia's room is across from this shot. The roof slants here, and her window can be seen to the right. Below is a shot of the small balcony off our room, and over towards the storage room.
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Easter Break

Hi everyone. As titled... you guessed it, we had a "break" during Easter and these photos come from what was done prior to that break...which started on Tuesday before and ended Tuesday after. Now that is what I call a long weekend! This is Jenn writing, Alex has done most of the recent postings, but has a big project at work this week. I will do my I have no clue what is going on. Above is a lovely shot of a fossil we saw in the rock that makes the corner of the front room of the house. The new wall is going in that spot, but we will try to see if the guys can save this and chip it out for us.
They cleaned up the area, and you can get a better idea of what things might look like. Above, we are looking from the family room area towards the kitchen area, the loft will be above the kitchen. Below you see the family room area, and the space that is waiting to be walled in. Yes, that is Sianna, surveying the work. Should I be concerned?

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