Monday, February 28, 2011

Sianna's choice-pink.

When we were faced with the decision of paint vs. colored plaster for the downstairs bath, we opted for the colored plaster. Reasons were that it is one of the only recognizably old spaces in left in the house and we wanted to retain the character of the room (formerly the kitchen). But, the main reason was that since there is an actual well underneath this space, and only a small window for ventilation, we know there will be some humidity issues. Paint will only flake and look crappy after time, but the colored plaster will have "character and charm" by being kind of "shabby chic" as it ages.
Our plaster guy, who I am not so happy with... the outside of the house is neither the color I like or holding up after all the rains, told us the color range was yellows to reds....being that brick is used as the coloring agent. We decided to let Sianna in on the decision making process, so you should not be so surprised that it is pink. But, it is a traditional old village color, and the depth changes pretty well.Some walls appear a little darker, which adds a nice affect.
Of course the light is terrible in the room, since there is none. So we shall see in the end how it really looks. Now we are just waiting for the plumber to come and install the faucets to the back wall, then the finishing plaster, and then the counter top and sink. I will leave that as a surprise.
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Acceptance and the chimney.

Here we have the fireplace which is NOT IN THE CORNER...yes, I am still a bit pissed off about that (and other things). The workers came in and made a frame, and insulated it very well, with some kind of a product that is not supposed to smell...apparently this is a problem when creating a chimney after the fact. One has to ask the question, why was the chimney not part of the plan from the very beginning? Well, we are in Greece, so go with it.
Like a good friend of mine recently pointed out, acceptance is one the hardest things to achieve in life, but once you do you will not be carrying such a heavy load. I really gotta dump some of my load and just accept that this house will end up being what it ends up being. The control freak in me has a hard time with this idea,but if I look at it in the realm of art I can almost get there. When throwing a pot on the wheel, often I would let whatever shape emerge organically from the clay. Perhaps the house is more like that, something that just has to be left alone to be what it will be. Difference is, I have to live in this!
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