Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Squatter and old tiles...

Above is a shot of a rather illusive kitten who is living in the old barn. Also, that wood is from the builders when they poured cement months ago. They need to get it out of there, but she seems to find it a nice hiding spot. I think I have seen her mother dash away a few times, and it looks like the neighbors are feeding them...see the white styrofoam container in the left corner of the photo. We hope they stick around, it would be nice to have some mousers in the barn.

Remember the old tiles from the "new" part of the house? Well, here they are on Sianna's balcony. As long as they are not too thick, then that will be their final resting spot. If we have enough, we will incorporate them into the avli as well.

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Some progress...

Well, we are working with another strike. This is causing a delay on the delivery of the corrected panels for the exterior doors, and thusly the fixing of the gaps that are in those doors. The strike---the truck drivers again. Is this really the reason why the doors are being delayed again, or is the company just using that as an excuse??? I tend to think the latter. As far as I can tell, the only truck drivers who are striking are the larger private ones that deliver to grocery stores. How this affects us, I do not know.

Regardless, the painters went in and started prepping the walls, and actually did an almost finished coat on what will be the dining room. The finish is fairly smooth, and only done in white to give a good idea of what the finished room will look like. Christos still needs to go in and finish the "nitches" we have with exposed rocks...we hope this week.

The painter also finished the ceiling. Given the smaller windows, the house tends to be on the dark side. To combat this and make it less dreary inside, Alex and I decided to go ahead and white wash the wood beams. Everyone told us that the wood would darken over time, and we had been toying with the idea of a lighter feel. You can still see the wood tone through the wash, and it has a nice weathered look to it. So, we are pretty happy with the finished look.
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