Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is the FRONT of the house!!!

Ok, so here is the front door. We met with the people (who, incidentally, we have been designing the kitchen with) and they basically said they would split the cost of a new panel with glass and iron for this door. No, not pay for, what I see as ,their mess up. Alex, can live with that, so fine with me. But, really, how did they not understand? I walked the guy through the house, clearly stating, " The main entrance is here, from the garden." And the kitchen he is designing is just to the right of the door....
Doesn't this look like the "front" of a house???
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The Doors- not the band

So, after waiting and waiting, our doors finally arrived. When we ordered them, back in February, we were told that they would take 30-40 days. Then, after signing the contract and putting 50% down, we were kindly informed that the doors would be finished during the first week of May. So, I ain't no wizz at math, but that seems to be 58 + days... Oh, then they kindly requested us to pay the remainder of the bill within the next 10 days! Having lived in Greece for nearly 7 years now, and learning a ton from the construction of the Jeny and Taki's house, we kindly refused to pay the remainder of the bill until we were informed that the doors in question were ready to ship and given an installation date. In retrospect, we should have withheld payment until the doors arrived, since only ONE of the three doors ordered were correct! Ok, here we go. above you see Alex at the entrance to the guest bedroom, the only correct door.
Now, lets move on. Here we have the side entrance to the house, which faces the street. Originally, I wanted this door just this way, with windows to let in more light. Incidentally, my sister-in-law agreed with me. We had decided, however, to save money and have a solid door that would be the same as the door to the guest bedroom since they are next to each other.
Well, even though we had, on repeated occasions, explained that the real front door is through the garden, the guy who measured everything out ( and his wife, who has never been out to the house site) decided that since this door is the largest, and facing the street, that it must be the front entrance. Wrong. Now, I am not too upset by this, since as you can see below, the windows do let in a great amount of soft light. So, in the end that is great. Problem is that our front door is rather dull, and we really wanted it to have the vintage look of the glass and iron work.But hey, Kelly, are you happy??? We did get what we wanted after all.
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