Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Windows, revisited.

Well, we have gotten no where with the doors. Basically, the company will close from August 6th until the 20th...and our replacement panel will be done at the end of September. They plan on fixing the gaps in the doors...but we still are unclear how this will be done. I am tired of harping on the negative topic of the doors, so I will focus on what has been good...the windows. After looking at the Blog, I realized we really had not shown them off at all. Above is a shot of the windows upstairs in our bedroom and bathroom, and below are a few shots of the downstairs. All the windows have the same idea, with the stationary rectangular frame on top.
The shutters are great, and there are screens that we can pull down. They seem to open really smoothly. No complaints, only good things to say about the service and installation of the windows. The person we used came and had taken photos of each window spot, and we sat with him and reviewed each one on the computer before he ordered them. Efficient and no problems! We like that.
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Let the sun shine...

Remember when I said that 1 out of 3 doors was correct. Well, I was wrong. All the doors have issues. As you can see, the sun shines through at the corners above the hinges. This is actually on all three doors! So, is it a problem with the manufacturing, or with the installation? Do I care? No, I just want it fixed. But, this is nothing in the end.
We love Doral! NOT! Although the doors look like they would be good, if they were the correct styles and installed correctly, they weren't and the customer service is a joke and a half. We ordered the doors back when the tax was 19%, paid for half of the bill and then the remainder once we had a delivery and installation date. By the time they were done the tax was 21%, thank you Papandreou. But, they informed the representatives down here, who never informed us. The fact that we owed them the extra tax was not told to us until we went to get the front door panel reordered. So here we are, trying to get the front door corrected and telling the reps here of the gaps in the corners and the fact that the guest room door is totally not centered, and we are asked for more money and a surcharge for ordering only a panel and not a full door! What is that all about?
Not that we knew that the additional money asked for was for that. It took us nearly a week to find out what the break down costs were. No one here in Hania or in Thesaloniki could answer the question, " Why are you asking for 150,00 euro more then what we were quoted?" Actually, when Alex called the company directly the woman could not even find his order or name in the computer. And this is one of the largest door companies in Greece. My favorite part of all this is that they were asking us to pay the bill up front to avoid the NEW TAX INCREASE to 23%! What really ticks me off, is that the reps here have not even started the process of fixing the problems on the corners of the doors. When we told them, they should have been out there the next day. No, I had to go back out and take photos and then they will email them to Doral. I suppose we have learned a good lesson in this, keep it local and make sure there are no hidden costs. Do you think Ambiente will be getting the kitchen contract? No way! God only knows how high the tax will be by the time they would deliver it!
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