Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're back....

Hi there, we finally arrived in Crete last night after taking a week long detour to Athens. You know we can't stay away from some good protests, riots, sit ins, and strikes. As you all know, we were in Florida for the 3+ weeks before that.

So, what the heck has gone on with the house since then? Not much actually. They laid the first layer of concrete for the floor, but other then that....zilch. Alex went to check it out this morning, and apparently it was just too boring to even photograph. He will need to meet with the architect this week to make some logistical decisions and then the guy who will reinforce the walls for earthquakes etc... will be able to get going.

Other news, Sianna is doing great, adjusted back to the time just fine. My operation went well, despite the riots and the strikes, and the baby in waiting did just fine too. Alex is exhausted, since I am unable to do as much, for the time being. Kisses and happy holidays from us, we will post again once more happens regarding the house.