Thursday, October 8, 2009

the walnut tree

Today is the grand slam Blog update...I was able to get Sianna down for a nap, and Olivia is occupied with a pizza crust. So, you will find several entries for today, and it is done this way, as I can't seem to upload more then 4 fotos at a time. I tried to group them together so it makes more sense.

The house is coming along, and you will see the new plaster on the interior. Alex and I have started researching tiles and such for bathrooms. On our first visit to a tile and bath store, we found out 2 things. #1 is that I have really expensive taste. #2 is that Alex has more expensive taste. I fell in love with a handmade ceramic sink, from Spain. It was ONLY 600 euros. Alex, being the optimist, suggested we take a look at other models by the same group. His eye went to another sink that ended up being 1200 euro. Hold on...Sianna is crying.

Ok, she fell off the couch mid nap and is now happy with some ice cream to take the swelling down on her bubba lip. Wait, now Olivia is crying....

Just enjoy the pictures of the walnut tree.

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Sianna's room, now nice and plastered.
Olivia's room, looking towards her window.
Above is Alex and my room, looking from the door towards the tiny and weird balcony, and below is the shot from that tiny and weird balcony towards the opposite corner. Behind that wall is our bathroom.
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The Stairs

The stairs from as seen from the front door. Fireplace should go in the corner to the left.
We have a cool spot here on the stairs for a nice piece of art work....hint hint, Rani. ;)
And below is the view from the top of the stairs. Behind you will be the door to get to the loft which will be over the kitchen.
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the dining room

You got it, the dining room with the final plaster on it. The stone arch over the door will be cleaned off and stand out more.
Here are our cool niches, where we were able to leave the rocks exposed.

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color options

Here we go, things are cleaned up a bit and the final coat of plaster is beginning to be applied to the interior of the house. The reason why you see color in some parts and white in others is because while they are doing the interior, we are testing colors for the exterior. Alex and I decided to give the colored plaster method a try. If it sucks, we can always paint over it. So, rather then waste the samples that Christos mixes up, he has it applied to the interior which will be painted with primer and paint anyhow.

Above is the doors leading to the bathroom and the dining room, as seen from the front door. Below is the view of the living room from the end of the kitchen.
Here you see the front door from across the room where the bathroom and dining room doors are.
Ok, and below are some samples of colors. The tile on the bottom is from the roof, and we brought it down to see how it would contrast. That red tile is the darkest color the plaster can be mixed to. We have opted for something between #2 and that red tile. Should be up next week, if we are lucky.
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