Friday, November 11, 2011

The day before the move...I think.

Like most things here, they are done last minute. So we have workers coming to the house the day before the move, during the move and still now...TODAY...11/11/11!!! Yes, the electrician you see below is back today to finish up on the out door lighting. Now, this delay is totally not his fault. Alex and I never decided on outdoor lighting, and finally got it together after season ended. Good thing we waited, as our budget was totally stretched and with the current tax changes, we needed to go with some less expensive lights. I will take those photos later, but for now, here are some photos of the finishing up process, pre move.

Below, you can see the loft space and the kitchen. The tiles we ordered for the back splash are only one row at this point. We mis-ordered, easy to do, apparently. When we went to order another batch, we found out that the supplier had been robbed in Athens, and had none to send down. We ended up taking every available tile they had in storage and teaming them with plain grey, by the same manufacturer. Again, I will get a photo of the finished kitchen...eventually.

The move was amazing, as everything kept getting dusty and dirty, even with two cleaning women coming in. But, what can you do when you move into an unfinshed house. You basically end up mopping every day.

Here the finshed nitches in the dining room. Cleanest part of the house at this point.

Adding color

Sorry for the massive delay in blogging. But, for those who do not know, we are actually in the house now. We moved in the first week of may, the same week I (Jenn) went back to work. We were without a phone or internet for several months. Once we got that techy stuff done, we could not find the cable for the camera and were also way to busy to blog. As most of you know, I was working 2 jobs from mid August until the end of October. Now, I have a card reader and here come the updates, whether you want them or not!

Going back in time, you can see the paint job first. The top photo is Sianna's room, a raspberry ice like pink. with the main "white" of the house. Sianna's room has since turned into the bedroom for both the girls. They decided that they wanted to be together, which is good, as the other room has a flat roof and we noticed gets much more wam in the summer. Now that it is winter, it gets the least amount of sun light and remains the coldest!
So, what was to be, Olivia's room, is now the playroom. It is a soft lavendar with white...and is generally a disaster area these days. I did find a very cool lamp from RICE, and will get a "done" photo in due time. Gotta keep you wanting more...
Here is our "short" wall in our bedroom, it is a darker beige/ khaki color. I like how it turned out, but feel the same about it as I do with the other colors. They all would have looked better had they been teamed with the WHITE that I chose, not the crap we ended up with. Basically, the architect had told our painter the "custom" color he likes to use...the painter went and got it, rather then listening to the home owners who kept saying that it was too yellow. I even had a paint sample of what I wanted. Supposedly he took it to be "lightened" up, but trust me... it is yellowish. The reason I don't like it is that the exposed wooden beams were white washed and the cool tone looks crappy next to the warm tone. It is not uniform. Also, yellowish whites always look dingy to me, and we have very small windows for natural light.

But, below you can see the sink and the tile work on the wooden counter that was made for the downstairs bath. This came out nice, and the pinkish plastering that Sianna chose looks great. It has variations in color and depth to it when you look at it.

Here is a peak from the kitchen with the arched door and the interior arch in the bathroom. We still need a mirror and light fixture, but it is usable....I will find a photo of the faucet...